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Custom Programming

Why do custom software?

Generic industry applications are designed to manage a general business model that exists in some developer's mind. Frequently that model doesn't match your business very well. Only you know your customers, your environment, and the specific requirements of your business. Generic packages may not address many of your specific management needs. Or they may have so many diverse features crammed into the program that they become hopelessly complex and confusing, frustrating you and your employees. Custom applications that are tailored to your operation can bring your business or organization significant efficiency improvements and better management tools.    Have it your way!

Can I afford it?

We sometimes get in a rut thinking about software in terms of off-the-shelf retail packages, which are inexpensive because they sell millions of copies. But because they are targeted at a huge market, they are necessarily limited and general in their application. When a more comprehensive application is needed, many industries like construction or real estate have industry specific commercial offerings available. But because the market is much smaller for such industry-specific packages, the price usually shoots up to several thousand dollars for a license. Custom software can be very competitive with such commercial applications. While the market is very limited (you), it is also highly focused--specifically on your business model. In the end, it offers the greatest payback for the investment, especially in productivity and management tools.

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