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Website Development

Me? On the Web?

Let's face it. Not everybody is a computer geek or a net freak. Establishing a presence on the Web may seem daunting and unimportant. But the reality is that your customers are on the Web. And more than likely, your competitors are there too, or working on getting there. We are approaching the day when a Web presence is a check-off item for people looking for business products or services. A web site doesn't need to be exotic to be effective. A simple site is very cost effective advertising and increasingly important as Internet traffic continues to explode.

Professional Web Design Services

Software Servant offers a full professional design service that begins with strategy and flows through planning, implementation, and finally deployment on the web. We will work with you on identifying the customers for your site and the needs of both the business and the customers that can be addressed by a website. Implementation is accomplished with state-of-the-art tools and design techniques. Services include writing and editing copy, original layout, custom graphics, photo acquisition, and browser compatibility testing. Sites can be set up for pure information presentation, or for user interaction, data collection, or e-commerce.

Baby asking why do I need a website

Software Servant is happy to develop new site designs or to update and revise existing sites. Unlike many web developers, we will work with your existing provider if desired, provided that the host offers appropriate services for the desired implementation. For new domains, we partner with a solid, highly rated, national provider that utilizes multiple, highly-reliable and secure data centers.

Software Servant does not do "cookie-cutter" websites. Every site is a unique design, expressing your message and preferences for style and appearance. For that reason, all projects begin with a no-charge consultation to discuss your needs and possible implementations. A cost estimate will be provided based on that discussion.

Call or email today to see how the Software Servant can help you! There is no charge for consultations.